Novotel Bangkok



With its crystal blue beaches, thick green jungles and excellent Thai food, Thailand has become the most popular destination for tourists. The most visited regions in Thailand are Pattaya and Bangkok. Novotel Bangkok Bangna is the most frequent and critically acclaimed place for accommodation in Bangna, the new face of Bangkok. It represents the uniqueness of Thailand, its cuisines, facilities and client service.

For travelers, the unique thing about Thailand is its vintage mix of Thai culture, Buddhism and its people. Thais are the most peace loving and courteous people in the world. Thailand has a lot to offer to the travelers in terms of natural views and exotic lifestyle. In spite of the heavy tourism flow, Thailand has managed to retain its quintessential Thai ness with a history and culture of its own.

Many travelers visit Thailand for its fun-seeking “sanuk” lifestyle and for having fun. Others visit Thailand and Bangkok purely for business purposes. Novotel Bangkok Bangna has taken special emphasis on maintaining a firm balance between fun loving travelers and enterprising target-oriented business executives with its excellent suites, deluxe rooms and excellent conferencing facilities.

Holidays in Thailand and accommodations at Novotel Bangkok Bangna offer travelers exactly what they search and yearn for, i.e. plentiful entertainment, beautiful beaches, overwhelming shopping opportunities and exuberating cultural attractions.

Situated in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai has cooler climate due to its northern location and the altitude. Here, travelers meditate in the peaceful environs and can visit the most famous Buddhist temple.

Thailand is an excellent location to visit, for travelers and guests coming from the new international airport, to get a first glimpse of a wonderful nation through its capital city, Bangkok. Here, travelers embarking on a brief stay to Novotel Bangkok Bangna before departing to other cities, always leave satisfied.